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Our Continuum of Care:


The residential stage is the first step to enter into Aspell Recovery Center’s care. During this stage, residents are under our care 24/7 for approximately 30 days. They are not allowed to work or to leave campus. It is available for both males and females who are 18 years or older. This is not a detoxification program. During their stay, residents must complete all the program benchmarks set by their primary counselor. Successful completion of their individualized treatment plan is required before being allowed to progress to next phase. We accept approximately 20 people at any given time who are supervised by 5 counselors. Technicians & support staff are in the facility at all times. To be accepted, call admissions to learn about the pre-screening process.


Once the residential stage has been successfully completed, residents can progress into intensive outpatient care. For women, this can occur on Aspell’s main campus in Jackson, Tennessee. However, intensive outpatient for men can be located at either Aspell’s Jackson location or at Aspell of Hardin County in Savannah, Tennessee. Intensive outpatient typically lasts 8 weeks. During this time, residents may live in a transitional house. They can leave campus related to employment and attend support meetings. Each resident is responsible for paying rent and completing chores. In addition to completing intensive outpatient meetings, residents must also be involved in the local 12-Step community.


While living in a three-quarter house, residents can attend aftercare programs where they follow through with recommendations made during treatments. They are encouraged to stay engaged in the recovery community. Residents can stay as long as needed, however, they are required to maintain steady employment and remain clean. Drug tests will be given as additional accountability. Under no circumstances are alcohol or drugs allowed to be brought into the house.


The independent living phase is the final stage in Aspell’s continuum of care. Residents who have successfully completed the prior steps are eligible to live in an apartment at Talbot Towers or in our Quadplex. Residents are allowed to stay indefinitely as long as they follow all program requirements and continue to be drug and alcohol free. Rent in Talbot Towers is based on their income level while rent in our Quadplex is market based. At this point, spouses and children are allowed to live with their resident in the independent living setting.

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