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Becoming A Resident:


To enroll please call one of our admissions coordinators, Frankie Elliott or Raven Billingsby, at 731.427.7238 to complete a telephone screening to determine eligibility and level of care. Within this call a wealth of information will be provided.

Our primary expectation is that clients commit 100% to treatment for the best possible results.  

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

Spouses are not allowed to go through the program at the same time. Once the first spouse has advanced to the three-quarter house, the second spouse can enter residential care. Kids are not allowed to live on campus until their parents have achieved independent living. However, children and spouses can visit at designated times.

CLOTHING: No more than 7 changes of clothes. Clothing should not include: leggings, jeans with holes in them, short shorts, revealing tops, tank tops or any clothing that is offensive and/or drug or alcohol related themed. During warmer months you may bring appropriate length shorts and during the cooler months bring a jacket. Bring no more than 3 pair of shoes and at least one pair should be tennis shoes but no high heels.

HYGIENE PRODUCTS: General hygiene products such as shampoo, deodorant, feminine products and razors however, no product may contain alcohol (i.e. hand sanitizer, mouth wash etc.).

TECHNOLOGY: Please do not bring technological devices such as cell phones or laptops. You should bring all appropriate medications but no mood altering medications or substances.

IDENTIFICATION: Please bring with you identification: state issued ID/Driver’s License or social security card and birth certificate; as well as your insurance card (if applicable).

MONEY: You should bring no more than $30-40 to purchase cigarettes, potential medications and/or for doctor’s appointments.

Any items brought and are not approved items will be taken and returned at discharge or sent back with your loved ones. If you have any questions please call for clarification.

There are a variety of ways to pay for our service but no one has been turned away for an inability to pay. We accept TennCare and block grants are available for people who qualify.

Aspell Recovery Center uses individualized treatments without a specified length of stay. In general, the first step is residential which is approximately 30 days. The next steps are based on individual needs.

Yes. Both are privileges that are earned over time.

We are an abstinence based program and do not prescribe medications or allow addictive medications. Regular prescription medications are allowed.

Yes. We do what we can to help people find job through referrals.

At Aspell we measure success by the standard of abstinence, rearrest, employment, and treatment benefits 6-months post discharge.

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