New programs. New president. New prose.

Here at Aspell Recovery, we are forward-facing and future-focused. And we are very excited to share some of our most recent updates with you. One of them is this blog, our first post. Thanks for reading!

July 1st, our Vice President Steve Bowers took over the presidential position from Dr. Ron Kirkland, who is now chairing our fundraising committee (another new item!). We are greatly appreciative of the dedication of both men and are especially excited to see how Steve uses his unique perspective to chair the board.

In March of this year, we launched our Pregnant Postpartum Women’s Program (PPW), with Trish Jared as our case manager. Trish found us while searching for rehabilitation options for a family member. With six years sobriety herself, we are especially grateful for the empathy that Trish brings with her.

We asked Trish to give us a little insight into the program.

“What’s a typical day like?  Ok, there are very few typical days! On a great day, a baby that was born with a major heart condition, who has lived through multiple heart surgeries, is finally released from the hospital looking healthy and happy! But success looks different for everyone, and the road to success is littered with many obstacles.  So, on a good day, I help moms navigate those obstacles by connecting them to services that can improve the quality of their life.  A bad day may bring a mom across my path who qualifies for the program but refuses to let us help her.  And, occasionally, we hear of a mom who has relapsed and lost custody of her child.  Those are hard days.  But I pray for them all and I ask God to renew my spirit so I can help the next one.

One visual that I hope I never forget occurred when I attended court to help get a mom out of jail.  The judge called her up and she stood before the court in her jail jumpsuit, hands cuffed, and the chains dangling around the baby in her belly.  The sight of it took my breath away for a moment, and I knew then that God let me see this so I would understand why I must do this work.”

The latest line-up in our services offered is the Family Centered Services program, which focuses on specialized courts handling cases of parents facing custodial removal of children. These parents have been charged with child abuse/neglect.  The program provides support services for the parents as well as family members and children. Participation is voluntary. It will allow these families to be evaluated and connected with services such as counseling and case management.

The purpose of the program is to stop the cycle. We want to increase the number of parents, children, and caregivers receiving trauma-focused treatment and recovery support services. The program will focus on helping the parents stay in treatment, while showing the children another way and preventing them from becoming lifelong offenders. We’re very excited about this new program and hope to share more info with you in the coming months.

Each month we will be posting updates for our supporters here. We appreciate each of you and your support in every way you provide it. You help us help the hurting.

Welcome to our space. And thank you for being here.

If you would like to make a donation, you may do so by clicking the “support” tab at the top of the page.

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