To reduce or eliminate unnecessary exposure to COVID-19, Aspell has implemented a plan of action. As of Monday, March 23, all non-essential staff are working from home, including admissions staff.

  1. For questions about Admissions, please call the following numbers between 9AM and 3PM Mon-Fri:
    • Raven Ferrell – 731.803.2431
    • Misty French – 731.694.8608
  2. For questions regarding current clients, please email questions and concerns to program coordinators and/or counselors (DO NOT INCLUDE CLIENT NAMES). If you have a loved one in our facility and need to speak with a counselor—simply send an email with your name and your number and a clinician will return your call.
    1. For questions regarding clients in Men’s Residential (Jackson Campus)
    2. For questions regarding clients in Women’s Residential (Jackson Campus)
    3. For questions regarding clients in IOP (Jackson Campus)
    4. For questions regarding clients in A Mother’s Love (Humboldt Campus)
    5. For questions regarding clients in IOP Savannah, TN campus
    6. For general questions and concerns, please email

Policies are subject to change depending on updates from local, state, and federal officials regarding changes in COVID-19 procedures, which would affect our plan of action.

Additionally, Aspell would like to stress that employees take the virus spread very seriously and are following guidelines as carefully as possible to reduce exposure and protect the health of clients and employees. The temperature of staff members is taken daily upon arrival at work. Any employee with a temperature over 99.5 will be sent home and instructed not to come back to work until cleared for work by a physician.

Client temperatures are being taken daily, as well. Any client with a temperature over 99.5 degrees will be isolated until coronavirus test results are confirmed. Any client testing positive will be medically discharged. Social distancing procedures have been implemented for all campuses.

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